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August 22, 2011


I am finished with my Boneyard Shawl!!!!!!

It dried very nicely last night, and didn’t shrink. Very soft! I think that I will make another one, but the next time I will work on making the edges lie down flat. The shawl dried and reduced the roll of the edges, but they do not lay completely flat.

And you’d like to see the pictures, so here they are:

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I always start out my knitting projects with a trip to my closet. Plain t-shirts provide the most inspiration for me, because the shirt is only a colored empty canvas that I can do anything with. The shawl was made to dress up a dark grey t-shirt I had found in a sale at Ragstock here in Ann Arbor, and I paired it with some dark-stained jeans I found at Sears. I can wear the shawl with anything, of course, but I like to set up my first outfit to determine how I intend to wear the finished project. Colors are important: the colorway Playa works with almost any color, but I liked how it had little bits of golden color throughout the yarn, perfect for my present wardrobe.

Get the look: $35. Ragstock (2 shirts for $12 deal); Sears (Bongo for $20); Watch (mine). :D

Check out my ravelry page for the entire project’s details and more pics!

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