green frog knits

Hello, it’s me, Trebecca! 

Welcome to green frog knits, my blog about what I am knitting, crocheting, or generally following in the crafty world. I am a college student, so I do this in my spare time (but we make time for what we enjoy, right?)

I started knitting after crocheting more than 5+ years while in grade school (I’ve been crocheting for 10+ years now). I really wanted to start making sweaters and hats similar to the ones seen in the malls, and I found crochet sort of tedious. Granted, there are great ways to achieve the same goal, but I wanted to really see what knitting was all about.

I went online in my first few weeks of knitting to see if there were any online resources that would help me gain more skill in the craft, and I found Ravelry. I’ve culminated the best of the best in both knitting and crocheting videos, blogs, tutorials and more, and with this blog, I hope to give those sites a little more exposure—so the newbies in knit and crochet won’t have to spend hours on the internet looking for simple things as I did.

This is blog is a work in progress…especially now that school has become more demanding. But my true goal is to start writing patterns of my own, and you will see a little bit of that here as well.

And why, exactly, is this blog called ‘green frog knits‘?

The term ‘green frog’ comes from a cartoon that I drew when I was younger, a goofy green frog that always seemed to be  playing mischief at the edge of a piece of my homework. ‘green frog’ now is the name of my knits, and if I ever own a business, it’s probably what I would end up calling my shop. But in the mean time, it’s the namesake of a blog, and really great frog.


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  1. thats cool

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