May is almost here!

ImageI am so excited to come back to blogging, everyone! I’ve taken a break from the blog world to focus on academics, but in my free time I did give some thought to what I’d like to do this year, making more knitting memories as I go along. Come back in May sometime and you will notice a few changes..

-I will be updating the look of the blog to make it easier to read and nice to look at

-Finally making my shop on Esty! I will be chronicling my experience in a few weeks, and letting you know what I am planning on selling and how you can order in the coming year

-Giving you updates on my favorites in the knit/crochet world, including magazines, books, pod-casts and more (look for a new page made specifically for all my faves)

-Updating the artwork! I have new pictures and stories to share, and more greenfrog art

There’s more, but I don’t want to give it all away! Stay tuned in ( and thanks for being such loyal readers!)

–greenfrogknits <3


2 Comments to “May is almost here!”

  1. Yay! Honestly, I’ve been off and on from the blogging world myself, but I’ve been picking it back up lately to rant about school and life. Please tell me we’ll see more adorable works of art!

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