I hate checking my gauge…and bookstores closing

I really do. It’s like the bane of my knitting life. I don’t want to use perfectly good yard to knit something that I will have to take apart! I need to get over it though, because the cowl neck I started doesn’t have the correct gauge….and it’s going to be pretty tight around my neck, since I refuse to take it apart and start again. Fortunately, malabrigo yarn stretches pretty well, and when I block it, I’m hoping that the cowl will stretch out permanently…lesson learned though. Oh well.

So here in Ann Arbor we have super stay-indoors-knitting weather, and as long as the light don’t go out (like they did at my place yesterday night) we’ll have excellent reading weather as well. While we are on the subject, Borders bookstore liquefied it’s assets, and will be closing soon. One great bookstore, one great legacy. I really hope it won’t be Barnes & Noble next, but who knows? Who knew that during the great technology age, we would fall out of love with the printed material and decide to access all of our reading material on the internet. I, for one, don’t have a electronic reader, but I know that even if I did, I would still buy magazines and books from the bookstore. For me (and maybe you too) a trip to the bookstore is a normal weekly or monthly trip that you have taken for granted. It was Saturday morning for me–a Starbucks old fashioned donut and a magazine or two to read for the week. I will miss Borders dearly.

But we can’t leave on a sad note! This week I am hoping to finish my first ball of malabrigo yarn, and see how far I have to go with the pattern, since my gauge is off. The scarf  is supposed to be worked for 23 1/2 inches before I create the button holes. I can see my self getting to that spot quicker than with this yarn on my size 7 needles. But that’s okay. I think.


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