Chicken and other miserable disasters

Trebecca's Cornbread Pot Pie

What I was really trying to do was cook a potpie. Really.
I wanted something that would last me at least five days, that would freeze well if I wanted to warm up leftovers four months later…and also be somewhat nutritious so I would be able to eat it without guilt.


The is no perfect way to cut rotisserie chicken. I never had any practice, so I tried my best. By the time I was finished, the poor thing looked like a bomb exploded in it.

Poor guy.

The idea was, if I got enough chicken off the bone, maybe I’d be able to make a cornbread pot pie and maybe a chicken sandwich, or a chicken salad, or…

Chicken casserole!!!
Maybe not.

Anyways, I demolished an entire rotisserie chicken for a cup of white meat. I don’t really have any creative plans for the rest. That’s another blog topic.


Caution: boring part.
I used the southwestern corn SteamFresh pack to avoid cutting onions, and some frozen green beans for my vegetable mix. The vegetables were cooked so that they would be easier to mix and not add extra water to the pot pie. To make the filling of the pot pie, I mixed Campbell soup in with the vegetables.
I used Cream of Chicken Soup with Herbs so that I wouldn’t mess up the seasonings in the recipe.


Okay, quick story. I tried to crack eggs earlier in the week…and punched my thumb through to shell. Egg everywhere, the entire yoke sitting on the sticky counter. What a waste. And then, I tried to make scrambled eggs with the remaining eggs that had been cracked for me. It became a stiff, slightly burnt chopped up omlet.

Stop laughing.

This time, I took my friend’s advice and the yoke landed where I wanted it to, and I was able to create jiffy cornbread for my crust topping. It was perfect.
I put everything in a glass bowl and stuck it into the oven, which was preheated to 400 degrees.

Then I waited.


I waited. And waited. And waited. I opened the oven more times than I needed to, and poked way to many holes into the top the pot pie. Then I took the pot pie out, and stared at my marvelous creation.

the half-baked

I stuck a fork in the crust, only to realize that the cornbread had not cooked all the way. Bummer. We glared at each other, and then I stuck it back the oven. I know that do this is not exactly safe, as you can overcook your undercooked mess, or risk having the kitchen burst into flames. (Or so I was wondering.) But I did it, and did some more waiting and poking crust with forks, all for this:

Crispy Crispy

I am proud of my slightly burnt mess. Tastes delicious.



To balance out the sweetness, I added mozzarella cheese and Ms. Dash original seasonings


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